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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bill, Brussels and Bright Ideas....

Today was an interesting one! A quick trip to Brussels to the Microsoft Executive Briefing Centre for the Microsoft Research EU Innovation Day 2006. These have been running for a few years now, and it is an opportunity for Microsoft to show off all of the funky research they are doing in Europe and around the world! This year we were invited to showcase the work we're doing in the Microsoft Institute for High Performance Computing ( There were lots of people rushing around, as not only was Bill Gates coming to give a keynote speech, but so was the EU President, Matti Vanhanen. Their speeches were very interesting, discussing why innovation in Europe is not as fruitful as in other regions, and what can be done to help. The exhibition was fascinating, you can read more about it on the website... For piccies of the event, go straight here...


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