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Saturday, April 04, 2009

World's fastest kettle coming to the boil...

No really! A fantastic team in the New Forest have been working hard to break the longest standing world land speed record. In 1906 American Fred Marriott reached 127mph in a steam-powered car. Nobody has come close since, but this is the aim of the Hampshire-based Steam Car Challenge Team.
Congratulations to Don Wales and the team for a masssively successful test of their world-record attempt car this week :) We're particularly pleased as the design was concieved with the School of Engineering Science's own Dr Neil Richardson. The preliminary design was created by a group of aeronautics and mechanical engineering students at Southampton, just one example of the exciting projects our students get up to. So best of luck to the Steam Car team to break the record!!! Check out the amazing test run video at the BBC.


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