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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Head in the clouds....

Wouldn't it be nice if when you had a really tough job to do, that the tool you had available did most of the thinking for you?
That's exactly what a small company called DezineForce aims to do for engineers around the world. If most of us want to design something using computer engineering tools like computational fluid dynamics (CFD) or Finite Element analysis (FEA) then it usually means hours converting CAD to a mesh, then running computations, analysing each result carefully before deciding how to improve it.
Queue automatic design optimisation. Why not let a computer do the hard work? That's what we do here at Southampton, based around technology developin in our Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre and Microsoft Institute for HPC.
Previously this type of technology was only available inside the world's largest organisations, but now DezineForce is making it available to everyone via 'cloud computing'.
Read all about it in the Microsoft Architecture Journal here... If you want to speed up your product design cycle, then why not look at DezineForce!


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